Movie Review – The Producers

The Producers US (1967) Dir. Mel Brooks "I was so careful... I picked the wrong play, the wrong director, the wrong cast... where did I go right?" We can only hope that nobody tried to emulate the scam as perpetrated in this classic comedy from Mel Brooks, although there have been many cases of con … Continue reading Movie Review – The Producers

Movie Review – The Hands Of Orlac

The Hands Of Orlac (Orlacs Hände) Austria (1924) Dir. Robert Wiene When people have heart transplants they sometimes say they feel a little different from having it replaced by one from another person. This is psychological but may have some merit to it although it may not apply to all forms of transplant - for … Continue reading Movie Review – The Hands Of Orlac

Movie Review – Naked

Naked UK (1993) Dir. Mike Leigh “I’m interested in life” So says the man who spends two hours plus of our time pondering how it is all going to end, and seemingly going out of his way to annoy everyone he meets and getting beaten up for his troubles. Johnny (David Thewlis) is drifter from … Continue reading Movie Review – Naked

Movie Review – Okay Madam

Okay Madam Korea (2020) Dir. Lee Chul-Ha Never mind snakes on a plane, what about a group of armed North Korean terrorists looking for a defector? Which ones would you want to take your chances with? Never mind, there might be somebody on the flight who can deal with them without you having to lift … Continue reading Movie Review – Okay Madam

Movie Review – Oxygen

Oxygen (Oxygène) France (2021) Dir. Alexandre Aja Most of us have woken up in the middle of the night and wondered where we are as a result of a weird dream or nightmare, whilst those who drink to excess will quite literally wake up in a stage place. Now imagine that strange place is a … Continue reading Movie Review – Oxygen

Movie Review – Black Bud

Black Bud India (2021) Dir. Amol Kale No wonder lust is one of the seven deadly sins, it causes more trouble than good. If being consumed with desire pays off with the odd moment of bliss where nobody gets hurt, that is fine. Unfortunately, more often than not people do end up getting hurt - … Continue reading Movie Review – Black Bud

Movie Review – Ten

Ten (Dah) Iran (2002) Dir. Abbas Kiarostami Forgive me as I am not entirely sure how to describe this film let alone review it. It isn’t through being weird or impenetrable as it is neither of those things but it is different. Oddly enough, I have already reviewed a similar film no doubt inspired by … Continue reading Movie Review – Ten

Movie Review – Lucky Grandma

Lucky Grandma US (2019) Dir. Sasie Sealy “It’s fate.” So speaks the eponymous senior citizen when all her troubles come to a head, making a mockery of the title since luck is the one thing she is short of. But of course, whilst there is a chance this was fate at the start, it more … Continue reading Movie Review – Lucky Grandma

Movie Review – Red Post On Escher Street

Red Post On Escher Street (Escher dori no akai posuto) Japan (2020) Dir. Sion Sono So you think making a film is easy? Just get a camera, find some people to ponce about, edit it and upload to YouTube and you’re on your way to Hollywood? Unfortunately not, as there are many tangibles to be … Continue reading Movie Review – Red Post On Escher Street

Movie Review – Charlatan

Charlatan Czech Republic (2020) Dir. Agnieszka Holland We have to hand it to the doctors and nurses who treat us, heal us, and help us control of injuries and maladies but we must also recognise they aren’t miracle workers and there are occasions when even they are helpless. Modern medicine is a marvel, forever updating … Continue reading Movie Review – Charlatan