Heal The Living (Réparer les vivants)

Heal The Living (Réparer les vivants) France/Belgium (2016) Dir. Katell Quillévéré Some film directors find a niche and stick with it, for better or worse, while others like to expand their creativity from film to film, covering a number of themes, styles and genres. France’s Katell Quillévéré fits in the latter category as her three … Continue reading Heal The Living (Réparer les vivants)


Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Cert 12A) US (2017) Dir. Rian Johnson It’s been two years since the Star Wars franchise was resumed with The Force Awakens, during which time we saw a prequel in the form of the adjunct Rogue One that came in between the prequels and the original series that began 40 … Continue reading Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Sing US (2016) Dir. Garth Jennings For too long the CGI animation playing field in Hollywood has been dominated by Pixar, Disney and Dreamworks, so joining the race in the outside lane is the comparatively young Illumination Entertainment, the team behind the Despicable Me franchise. Sing is set in a world of anthropomorphic animals, focusing … Continue reading Sing

J Revolusi

J Revolusi Malaysia (2017) Dir. Zulkarnain Azhar It’s been well over five years since ol’ MIB paid a visit to the Malaysian branch of the world cinema chain, so here we are again with this action thriller presumably designed to keep up with their Asian neighbours in this particular genre. The UTK (Unit Tindakhas) is … Continue reading J Revolusi


Mindhorn UK (2016) Dir. Sean Foley I’m not overly familiar with The Mighty Boosh, except that it is a surreal British comedy show that I do know spawned TV’s most mainstream cake-eating Goth Noel Fielding. This fact alone made me wonder exactly what sort of creative mind Fielding’s Boosh partner Julian Barratt may possess heading … Continue reading Mindhorn


Frantz France/Germany (2016) Dir. François Ozon Some might consider remaking a film by the legendary Ernst Lubitsch as a bold move (although it’s already happened with Mel Brooks in To Be Or Not To Be) but François Ozon has never been afraid to defy convention. Luckily he chose a lesser-known Lubistch film to update, 1932’s … Continue reading Frantz


Insyriated Belgium/France/Lebanon (2017) Dir. Philippe Van Leeuw War films almost instinctively tend to focus on either those on the front line or the firsthand civilian victims of military oppression. Belgian writer-director Philippe van Leeuw chooses to focus on a lesser featured contingent to suffer during a conflict, those on the periphery with no direct investment … Continue reading Insyriated