Movie Review – France

France France (2021) Dir. Bruno Dumont Readers of a certain vintage may recall when Angus Deayton had to step down as host of satirical news quiz Have I got News For You in 2002 when he was caught being a naughty boy - not once but twice. The hook behind the moral outrage was the … Continue reading Movie Review – France

Movie Review – Lady Whirlwind

Lady Whirlwind (Tie zhang xuan feng tui) Hong Kong (1972) Dir. Huang Feng Hell hath no fury etc… In this case it isn’t a woman scorned but the sister of the woman scorned who is full of fury and plans to unleash hell on the perpetrator - except she ends up being his fight partner … Continue reading Movie Review – Lady Whirlwind

Movie Review – Seven Weeks

Seven Weeks (No no nanananoka) Japan (2014) Dir. Nobuhiko Obayashi Life is an ongoing thing - when one of us dies, the world doesn’t come to an end, it carries on with someone else picking up the baton, or filing the gap with something of their own. And a life ending after a long run … Continue reading Movie Review – Seven Weeks

Movie Review – The Other Lamb

The Other Lamb Ireland/Belgium (2019) Dir. Małgorzata Szumowska Cults are scary. That a person or persons can influence others into following them and their distorted and pernicious philosophies is petrifying. I know they prey on the vulnerable and fill their heads with mind controlling nonsense but something has to give sooner or later, and can’t … Continue reading Movie Review – The Other Lamb

Movie Review – Love Steaks

Love Steaks Germany (2013) Dir. Jakob Lass Hotels and similar service establishments are something we all take for granted, some more than others *cough* rock stars *cough*. It’s not just the services they provide but the people on the serving end we expect to be at our beck and call 24/7 - we seem to … Continue reading Movie Review – Love Steaks

Movie Review – Even If This Love Disappears From The World Tonight

Even If This Love Disappears From The World Tonight (Konya, Sekai kara kono Koi ga Kietemo) Japan (2022) Dir. Takahiro Miki As we get older, our memory start to fail us and yes, the hackneyed joke about going into a room and forgetting why you went in there is true, something which is of huge … Continue reading Movie Review – Even If This Love Disappears From The World Tonight

Movie Review – Invisible Ghost

Invisible Ghost US (1941) Dir. Joseph H. Lewis People affected by grief can undergo extreme personality changes that take a while to subside - or worse, they may never recover from it and are stuck in a horrific limbo of self-pity and emotional malaise. The worst-case scenario of how this manifests itself is the one … Continue reading Movie Review – Invisible Ghost

Movie Review – The Macaluso Sisters

The Macaluso Sisters (Le sorelle Macaluso) Italy (2020) Dir. Emma Dante After watching this film I am glad I only have one sister; if I had four of them (and was female) like The Macaluso Sisters I probably would have topped myself a long time ago! And families are meant to be there for each … Continue reading Movie Review – The Macaluso Sisters

Movie Review – Triangle Of Sadness

Triangle Of Sadness Sweden/US (2022) Dir. Ruben Östlund “It’s a rich man’s world” Perhaps the biggest issue I have with wealth is the sense of entitlement it engenders in the super rich. Inexplicably, people with healthy bank accounts seem to think they are above the rest of us and deserve preferential treatment just because they … Continue reading Movie Review – Triangle Of Sadness

Movie Review – Fanny And Alexander

Fanny And Alexander (Fanny och Alexander) Sweden (1982) Dir. Ingmar Bergman “I think God is a s**t and I want to kick him in the butt!” And this is from a 12 year-old boy. To be fair, he had been put through the ringer by a ferociously strict Lutheran priest which is enough to deter … Continue reading Movie Review – Fanny And Alexander