Thunderbolt (Pik lik foh)

Thunderbolt (Pik lik foh) Hong Kong (1995) Dir. Gordon Chan Kung Fu and motor racing, not a combination that would immediately spring to mind but in the crazy world of cinema anything goes. And if anybody is bold enough to give it a go, it would be martial arts legend and car fan Jackie Chan. … Continue reading Thunderbolt (Pik lik foh)

Knives Out

Knives Out US (2019) Dir. Rian Johnson Families - we meant to love them unconditionally but they sure know how to push our buttons like nobody else, maybe even enough to drive us to murder. Well hopefully not, that would be terrible but then again there are some twisted people out there, especially if there … Continue reading Knives Out

Open Season (Jagdzeit)

Open Season (Jagdzeit) Switzerland (2020) Dir. Sabine Boss “Humanism has always been old fashioned” You’ve heard all the sayings:  “There’s no room for sentiment in business”, “To succeed in business you have to ruthless”, etc. and it seems to be true. For every decent person trying to thrive, there are a dozen opportunists ready to … Continue reading Open Season (Jagdzeit)

The Cormorants (I cormorani)

The Cormorants (I cormorani) Italy (2016) Dir. Fabio Bobbio Childhood summers, spent with friends hanging out, living life without a care. It sounds idyllic and for many might be the stuff of fiction like an Enid Blyton story rather than real life, but real life doesn’t always make for fun and engrossing cinema either. Two … Continue reading The Cormorants (I cormorani)

Timeless Romance (Chao shi kong ai lian)

Timeless Romance (Chao shi kong ai lian) China (2019) Dir. Tian Tian Many of us spend our lives trying to meet the expectations of others but rarely do we succeed if we don’t know where the fault lies. Clearly, we need help identifying these weaknesses but whom do we turn to? Maybe we don’t need … Continue reading Timeless Romance (Chao shi kong ai lian)

Dating Amber

Dating Amber Ireland (2020) Dir. David Freyne Our teenage years are that tumultuous period when we discover who we are as people and lay the foundation for how we proceed into the adult world.  For many, it is a linear course with experimentation, ups, downs and many mistakes to learn from; for others, it is … Continue reading Dating Amber

Killing (Zan)

Killing (Zan) Japan (2018) Dir. Shinya Tsukamoto If you had to list the credentials required to be a Samurai, what would they be? Being handy with a sword? Having a fearless resolve and sense of courage? Filial loyalty to the Samurai Code or your master, where your life is the ultimate sacrifice? Or is it … Continue reading Killing (Zan)


Monos Colombia (2019) Dir. Alejandro Landes In my day, when kids went outside during the summer, instead of loitering outside off licences and terrorising the elderly, they would use their imaginations and play games by pretending to be soldiers fighting a war. In today’s world, it is not uncommon for some countries to have young … Continue reading Monos

Better Days (Shao nian de ni)

Better Days (Shao nian de ni) China (2019) Dir. Derek Tsang As someone who as bullied at school and in my first two jobs, I can say with assurance that it is a truly soul destroying ordeal for anyone to endure. We are always told we should tell someone if we are being bullied but … Continue reading Better Days (Shao nian de ni)

My Masterpiece (Mi obra maestra)

My Masterpiece (Mi obra maestra) Argentina (2018) Dir. Gastón Duprat “Art is a fraud” Sometimes it is not hard to dispute this statement when you consider how a messy daub of random blotches or streaks of paint on a canvas can be seen as genius statement and will sell for millions, whilst a delicately detailed … Continue reading My Masterpiece (Mi obra maestra)