The House That Jack Built

The House That Jack Built Denmark (2018) Dir. Lars von Trier What makes a serial killer the way they are? It’s probably fair to say the last filmmaker we would want to ponder this question and put his musings on film is Lars von Trier, but he has never cared what people think of him … Continue reading The House That Jack Built

Svaha: The Sixth Finger

Svaha: The Sixth Finger Korea (2019) Dir. Jang Jae-Hyun Extreme religious doctrine can be scary for of us those on the outside of it, but as religion is not a singular concept, conflicting opinions as to whose God is the one true deity and which teachings are the right ones can also be dangerous among … Continue reading Svaha: The Sixth Finger

Shanghai Dreams (Qing hong)

Shanghai Dreams (Qing hong) China (2005) Dir. Wang Xiaoshuai Parents only want the best for their children, as they should, which is something children should be grateful for, but children also deserve the chance to grow up and live a life with some independence. When parental desire overrides that of the child, it creates a … Continue reading Shanghai Dreams (Qing hong)

Sunset (Napszállta)

Sunset (Napszállta) Hungary (2018) Dir. László Nemes It is important to know where we come from as people and as such, we are fully entitled to want to embrace our heritage. Modern genealogy research is likely to reveal hidden secrets about one’s family but this is historical and it’s too late to do anything about … Continue reading Sunset (Napszállta)

Dog In A Sidecar (Saido kâ ni inu)

Dog In A Sidecar (Saido kâ ni inu) Japan (2007) Dir. Kichitaro Negishi Adult influence in our lives when we are children is essential, though it doesn’t always go the way it should depending on who is providing the guidance. Normally, we would look to our parents for this important job but fate often prevents … Continue reading Dog In A Sidecar (Saido kâ ni inu)

Lock Me Up, Tie Him Down (Wan mei jia qi 168)

Lock Me Up, Tie Him Down (Wan mei jia qi 168) China (2014) Dir. Jeffrey Lau Why can’t people be more honest with each other? This question has been asked since time immemorial yet we can’t help ourselves from continually making the same mistakes over and over from not telling the truth. Then again, the … Continue reading Lock Me Up, Tie Him Down (Wan mei jia qi 168)

All That Matters Is Past (Uskyld)

All That Matters Is Past (Uskyld) Norway (2012) Dir. Sara Johnsen Love triangles are messy enough affairs when they implode if the acrimony is that bad, so you can imagine how combustible the situation would be if this illicit ménage à trois involved two brothers? Janne (Maria Bonnevie) is the orphan girl who comes between … Continue reading All That Matters Is Past (Uskyld)