The Vanished (Sarajin Bam)

The Vanished (Sarajin Bam) Korea (2018) Dir. Lee Chang-Hee If there is a benefit to getting older and becoming more forgetful it is that one can watch a film then, when the remake comes along few years later you’ve forgotten everything about it so the newer version is completely fresh to you. It also makes … Continue reading The Vanished (Sarajin Bam)



Rings US (2017) Dir. F. Javier Gutiérrez There is an old aphorism that states “it seemed like a good idea at the time”; there are also scenarios that are just plain bad ideas at any time. Paramount deciding to resurrect its remake franchise of the classic Japanese horror Ringu with a new 3D instalment was … Continue reading Rings


Laura US (1944) Dir. Otto Preminger Within the milieu of film noir at least one staple will never change - that being the male lead falling in love with the female lead when he know he shouldn’t. That’s fair enough, since you can’t choose who you fall in love with, but when that female is … Continue reading Laura


Dogman Italy (2018) Dir. Matteo Garrone We are advised the best way to deal with a bully is to stand up to them; unfortunately, as most of them are as thick as they are vicious, they see retaliation as further cause to torment us. A story like this in film requires sensitivity, but when the … Continue reading Dogman

Five Deadly Venoms (Wu du)

Five Deadly Venoms (Wu du) Hong Kong (1978) Dir. Chang Cheh One deadly venom is enough so five would be a real handful. In this instance, however these venoms are not toxic liquids but skilled martial artists of ill repute who don’t want to be found, and the antidote to their lethal attacks is not … Continue reading Five Deadly Venoms (Wu du)

Hilda (Nunca he tenido una Hilda)

Hilda (Nunca he tenido una Hilda) Mexico (2014) Dir. Andres Clariond You know what they say about people with money - they might be able to buy a big house and flashy cars but they can’t buy class. It’s nice to have a healthy bank balance but being a decent human being should always be … Continue reading Hilda (Nunca he tenido una Hilda)

Stan & Ollie

Stan & Ollie (Cert 12) US/UK (2018) Dir. Jon S. Baird Hopefully, it shouldn’t need explaining that Stan and Ollie refers to comedy legends Laurel and Hardy, whose official pairing by producer Hal Roach in 1927 for a short film entitled Putting Pants On Philip began a 25 plus year career that made the entire … Continue reading Stan & Ollie