Alanis Argentina (2017) Dir. Anahí Berneri It’s known as the World’s Oldest Profession, yet it is one that is least likely to see those who work in it high on people’s esteem list. Regardless of whether you considered them near the bottom of society’s scale, they are still human beings and surely should be able … Continue reading Alanis

Eye For An Eye (Quien a hierro mata)

Eye For An Eye (Quien a hierro mata) Spain (2019) Dir. Paco Plaza Revenge may be sweet or a dish best served cold or whatever epigram you care to apply to it but it is also a very messy scenario to be caught up in, largely through being a two-way street. It is a never-ending … Continue reading Eye For An Eye (Quien a hierro mata)

Koko-di Koko-da

Koko-di Koko-da Sweden/Demark (2019) Dir. Johannes Nyholm I have to apologise in advance for any glibness in this review because Koko-di Koko-da is one of those surreal arthouse films heavy on symbolism that exposes ol’ MIB as a bit of a thicko, since I was unable to follow everything that was going on. On a … Continue reading Koko-di Koko-da

Deadline: Sirf 24 Ghante

Deadline: Sirf 24 Ghante India (2006) Dir. Tanveer Khan Those of us with a more discerning movie palette that watch films from around the world tend to baulk at the idea of Hollywood remaking successful foreign language works. This isn’t necessarily snobbery, rather being acutely aware of how much will be distilled or lost in … Continue reading Deadline: Sirf 24 Ghante

Guilt By Design (Cui mian cai jue)

Guilt By Design (Cui mian cai jue) Hong Kong/China (2019) Dirs. Paul Sze, Kenneth Lai & Lau Wing Tai Court cases are supposed to be tried by a jury honest and true in their deliberation and verdict. But since many on trial are criminals, they are not beneath influencing a jury to acquit them of … Continue reading Guilt By Design (Cui mian cai jue)

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising (Boku no Hīrō Akademia Za Mūbī: Hīrōzu: Raijingu)

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising (Boku no Hīrō Akademia Za Mūbī: Hīrōzu: Raijingu) Japan (2019) Dir. Kenji Nagasaki It’s spin off movie time for the popular shonen fantasy My Hero Academia, the second in fact, following on from 2018’s Two Heroes, though it is reported it will be the last feature length adjunct for this … Continue reading My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising (Boku no Hīrō Akademia Za Mūbī: Hīrōzu: Raijingu)


Bori Korea (2018) Dir. Kim Jin-yu Feeling on the outside of your family is something many of us experience at least once in our lives, usually because of our own teenage stroppiness rebelling against the guidance of our parents. Sometimes, circumstances might be different and feelings of exclusion are nobody’s fault. Eleven year-old Na Bo-ri … Continue reading Bori

Make Up

Make Up UK (2019) Dir. Claire Oakley Being the outsider is always difficult, more so when you arrive in a place where the local community is tight knit. You may have the support of someone close already part of that number, but there is still everyone else to win over - just don’t end up … Continue reading Make Up

He Who Gets Slapped

He Who Gets Slapped US (1924) Dir. Victor Sjöström Laughter is the best medicine, it helps us get through the day, and we should all laugh or lose our minds. Yet, laughter can be cruel, demeaning, and destructive, ruining our confidence or happiness by those who laugh at us and not with us. Perhaps this … Continue reading He Who Gets Slapped

Vitalina Varela

Vitalina Varela Portugal (2019) Dir. Pedro Costa Everyone handles grief in different ways but it is fair to say the circumstances behind the cause of this grief often dictates a lot of how we react to it. Learning something about the person you are mourning that shocks you to the core is a prime example. … Continue reading Vitalina Varela