The Cannibal Club

The Cannibal Club (Cert 18) 1 Discs DVD (Distributor: Matchbox Films) Running Time: 77 minutes approx. Release Date – January 25th People who do bad things eventually get their just desserts. Not that I want to make a meal out of it or over egg the pudding, but it is one of those nourishing facts … Continue reading The Cannibal Club

Love Education (Xiang ai xiang qin)

Love Education (Xiang ai xiang qin) China/Taiwan (2017) Dir. Sylvia Chang As time moves on and social attitudes change, some old traditions become redundant and more often than not, illogical to modern thinking, and with the separation between rural and metropolitan life, there will be a clash of opinions about this. Then again, not every … Continue reading Love Education (Xiang ai xiang qin)


Tikkun Israel (2015) Dir. Avishai Sivan Being an Atheist I will never experience a crisis of faith in God, so I can’t relate to the protagonist of this challenging Israeli drama in that respect. However, I can share his sense of emptiness and lack of direction that I and countless others have felt in our … Continue reading Tikkun

Ponmagal Vandhal (பொன்மகள் வந்தாள்)

Ponmagal Vandhal (பொன்மகள் வந்தாள்) India (2020) Dir. J. J. Fredrick The issue of rape and sexual abuse in India is a thorny one, with attacks on young girls also a growing problem. Now they are doing something about it, but corruption within the country’s patriarchal society remains a block in erasing this heinous crime. In … Continue reading Ponmagal Vandhal (பொன்மகள் வந்தாள்)

A White, White Day (Hvítur, hvítur dagur)

A White, White Day (Hvítur, hvítur dagur) Iceland (2019) Dir. Hlynur Palmason One of the worst things for a grieving person is to discover their partner had a secret life in the wake of their passing. There are many different ways of processing this news and moving forward, anger more than likely to be a … Continue reading A White, White Day (Hvítur, hvítur dagur)

Innocent Witness (Jeungin)

Innocent Witness (Jeungin) Korea (2019) Dir. Lee Han “If only she weren’t Autistic” A line actually spoken in a film apparently designed to help broaden our understanding and knowledge of Autism. Thankfully, this is repudiated by the mother of the autistic girl in question, proclaiming she had never once thought that herself, otherwise it wouldn’t … Continue reading Innocent Witness (Jeungin)

The Ladykillers

The Ladykillers UK (1955) Dir. Alexander Mackendrick Is there such a thing as a criminal mastermind? They can devise complex, ingenious, and audacious plans to commit a robbery that in theory are foolproof. The only thing they never envision is being caught - or that their downfall would come from an unlikely source. Mrs. Wilberforce … Continue reading The Ladykillers


Pili UK/Tanzania (2017) Dir. Leanne Welham The term “First world problems” is thrown about a lot as an ironic admission of our inherent comfort compared others living under less fortunate circumstances. Yet, how much do we know the struggles in third world countries, where even the smallest things we take for granted are out of … Continue reading Pili

Not Quite Dead Yet (Ichido shinde mita)

Not Quite Dead Yet (Ichido shinde mita) Japan (2020) Dir. Shinji Hamasaki Isn’t science great? You can do wondrous things with it and because of it that not only astound the mind but can also defy nature! Shame some people want to take advantage of it for their own personal gain and will stoop to … Continue reading Not Quite Dead Yet (Ichido shinde mita)

Look Out, Officer! (Si hing chong gwai)

Look Out, Officer! (Si hing chong gwai) Hong Kong (1990) Dir. Lau Sez-yue Ghosts are supposed to be scary, malevolent beings intent on frightening and tormenting us not helpful and agreeable. Casper The Friendly Ghost set a precedent in kids’ comics but in film they have be few and far between. Which brings us to … Continue reading Look Out, Officer! (Si hing chong gwai)