Movie Review – Two Of Us

Two Of Us (Deux) France (2019) Dir. Filippo Meneghetti People seem to have forgotten that love, romance, and relationships are not exclusive to those under 40. Although some in older age groups may get a pass if they still have their looks, the idea of them being in love is not a consideration. Being old, … Continue reading Movie Review – Two Of Us

Movie Review – Jalsa

Jalsa India (2022) Dir. Suresh Triveni Some things are better left unsaid is an aphorism which carries only a small degree of truth to it. There are situations were not saying anything is only going to make matters worse, although it is why one is keeping quiet which creates the true moral dilemma, lest our … Continue reading Movie Review – Jalsa

Movie Review – My Young Auntie

My Young Auntie (Zhang bei) Hong Kong (1981) Dir. Lau Kar-Leung Respecting a position of authority is hard when that person is younger than you are. In some countries, this sense of hierarchy is attached to members of the family as well as society in general - i.e. respecting your elders, and some people find … Continue reading Movie Review – My Young Auntie

Movie Review – The Getaway King

The Getaway King (Najmro: Kocha, kradnie, szanuje) Poland (2021) Dir. Mateusz Rakowicz Venerating criminals is an odd trait human beings possess but it does happen. This is not a case of deifying murders and paedophiles but petty thieves who are products of their environment and take on the establishment, quite often winning. In Poland, such … Continue reading Movie Review – The Getaway King

Movie Review – A Shot In The Dark

A Shot In The Dark UK (1964) Dir. Blake Edwards When a murder has been committed and you are the police responding to the call, you send your best man to investigate the case right? It stands to reason. What you don’t do is send the one person most liable to make a complete hash … Continue reading Movie Review – A Shot In The Dark

Movie Review – True Mothers

True Mothers (Asa ga kuru) Japan (2020) Dir. Naomi Kawase Define “mother” - is it someone who gives birth to you or someone who raises, nurtures, and looks after you in life? Obviously, this can relate to fathers too but given the bond that forms during pregnancy, there is an argument the question is more … Continue reading Movie Review – True Mothers

Movie Review – Gang

Gang Korea (2019) Dir. Jo Ba-Reun Perhaps you have heard the phrase “Offense is the best form of defence”, or in simple terms “Strike first”. This is a mindset dangerous people entering prison adopt by way of survival, seeking out the current “Daddy” and taking him out to establish their fearsome reputation. But to do … Continue reading Movie Review – Gang

VOD Review – Theo And The Metamorphosis

Theo And The Metamorphosis (Cert 18) (Distributor: Sovereign Film Distribution) Running Time: 96 minutes approx. Release Date – June 24th The Kafka-esque title might alert the more learned among you as what to expect from French director Damien Odoul’s latest offering. It’s not just the title, the entire film is rife with vignettes that could … Continue reading VOD Review – Theo And The Metamorphosis

Movie Review – Wildfire

Wildfire Ireland (2020) Dir. Cathy Brady United we stand, divided we fall. A self-explanatory maxim applicable to a sheer plethora of situations where a tight bond between two or more people is crucial to survival. The most common example would be the family unit - a consolidated family can overcome anything, but not all families … Continue reading Movie Review – Wildfire

Movie Review – Outside The Law

Outside The Law US (1920) Dir. Tod Browning Who would have thought that going straight after a life of crime would be possible, not from a stint in prison, or a rehabilitation programme but by listening to the words of Confucius. It probably wouldn’t work today but in 1920, times were different. In Chinatown, former … Continue reading Movie Review – Outside The Law