Time Out (L’emploi du temps)

Time Out (L'emploi du temps) France (2001) Dir. Laurent Cantet Is it really that difficult to the truth no matter how problematic the news might be? Is it pride or the fear of being regarded a failure stopping you? Don’t you have faith in your loved ones to support you in dealing with it? Keeping … Continue reading Time Out (L’emploi du temps)


Goth- Love Of Death

Goth - Love Of Death Japan (2008) Dir. Gen Takahashi If the title of this low budget mystery drama suggests to you miserable doom laden, pale faced teens with dyed jet black hair, thick eye liner, baggy black clothing and dubious taste in music then this isn’t the film for you. There is a death … Continue reading Goth- Love Of Death


Moonlight US (2016) Dir. Barry Jenkins There were shocks all round at the Oscars earlier this year when this low budget drama pipped the bookies’ favourite La La Land to the Best Film Oscar - not in the least when a mistake with the envelopes saw the latter film incorrectly announced as the winner first! … Continue reading Moonlight


Marguerite France (2015) Dir. Xavier Giannoli We’ve all told that one little white lie to avoid hurting someone else’s feelings and to keep our heads on our shoulders but there are occasions when perpetuating a myth to avoid such heartbreak makes it considerably worse when the truth does come out far too late. Just outside … Continue reading Marguerite

Visitor Q (Bijitâ Q)

Visitor Q (Bijitâ Q) Japan (2001) Dir. Takashi Miike When one thinks of dysfunctional families usually cartoon broods like The Simpsons or The Griffins are nominated. But the Yamazaki family in this film from Japanese provocateur Takashi Miike don’t just take the biscuit, they snatch the whole pack, gorge it down in one go then … Continue reading Visitor Q (Bijitâ Q)

Blue Eyelids (Párpados azules)

Blue Eyelids (Párpados azules) Mexico (2007) Dir. Ernesto Contreras It’s handy when things come in pairs, like socks, shoes, trousers and the like, but there are occasions when having two of something can be an inconvenience. If you are a lonely singleton like me then getting a prize intended for two people is a like … Continue reading Blue Eyelids (Párpados azules)

God Of War

God Of War (Cert 15) 1 Disc DVD/Blu-ray (Distributor: Well Go USA) Running Time: 129 minutes approx. Release Date – October 16th You have to hand it to the Chinese - they do historical films arguably better than anyone else, at least on an aesthetic and immersive front. Even if the historical accuracy is open … Continue reading God Of War