A slightly smaller gap between Photoshop tinkering – just two months this time – for a special reason, in my opinion anyway.

This is a piece I did to mark the birthday of another ChocoPro wrestler Saki Yuri aka Sayuri. It wasn’t hard to remember the date as she shares the day with my father (who is currently in hospital after a knee operation) – August 3rd! I like Sayuri-san is because she has a fun personality which makes her so cute and adorable, plus her ninja-themed ring outfit is a great look for her. Like some of the others in the group, she throws herself into the entertainment aspect of being a ChocoPro member, getting involved in the dancing aspect of ChocoPro’s fun presentation. She also pulls the funniest of faces proving she is a good laugh too!

Sayuri-san is a good wrestler although she mostly works tags with her male partner Choun Shiryu – a Chinese wrestler hence their team being named Dragon Ninja – so I’ve yet to see what she can really do in a one on one situation. She has a nice dropkick and a nasty sleeper hold in her arsenal so I know she will work hard and make any opponent work hard regardless of the outcome.

What also makes Sayuri-san special to me is that she has interacted with me on Twitter – not just liking my Tweets but also replying! I may be too old to be fan-boying over such a thing but it is nice when someone who is a “celeb” actually takes the time to reply when they get so many message on social media. I’m probably not be alone in enjoying these interactions with Sayuri-san, but as a loner with only a few Twitter friends to regularly converse with, it means a lot to me and does make me feel privileged to be noticed and acknowledged by someone I admire so much.

So, I felt somewhat duty bound to do something special for Sayuri’s birthday and this is the result. I knew it has to be Ninja themed and tried to find a temple or Japanese garden to set it in but couldn’t find the right pic. Then I found a traditional Japanese arch way set in water and that was the launching point for my composition, adding the sunset skyline for the colour base whilst the path and walkway were also from photos of Japanese landscapes.

Credits for the stock photos are as follows:


Photo by D J: via Pexels

Photo by Marek Piwnicki: via Pexels

Photo by Rachel Claire: via Pexels

Photo by Roméo A. on Unsplash

And of course Gatoh Move for the Sayuri portrait photo.


Here are the stock images: (click on images for full sized version) 



And here is the finished piece:



The hiragana says “Happy Birthday Sayuri” on the right (because they read right to left in Japan) and “Dragon Ninja Forever” on the left!

With this being my first full photo manipulation composition in a long time, I was a bit nervous but I am satisfied with how it came out, as well as trying new things, and the techniques I have learned from YouTube videos of far more skilled Photoshop artists like the extraordinary Benny Van Valens of Benny Productions

Though Sayuri-san hasn’t responded directly, she has “liked” the Tweet and retweeted it on Twitter and also “liked” it on Instagram so she has at lest seen and I presume likes it! 


As always you can see all my artwork on my Instagram account! If you are on there, please do give me a follow! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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