Movie Review – Aloners

Aloners (Honja saneun saramdeul) Korea (2021)  Dir. Hong Sung-eun I open this review not with my usual content related preface, but with a disclaimer that I may have missed many salient details regarding the fleshing of the story of this drama, due to the flawed subtitles on the version of Aloners I watched. First world … Continue reading Movie Review – Aloners

Movie Review – There Is No Evil

There Is No Evil (Sheytan vojud nadarad) Iran (2020) Dir. Mohammad Rasoulof A quick glance at the title of this film and you may wonder if it is a propaganda piece to dispel Iran’s international reputation for its disregard for human rights and life itself. In fact, this compendium of four separate but thematically connected … Continue reading Movie Review – There Is No Evil

Movie Review – Eternals

Eternals US (2021) Dir. Chloé Zhao If Marvel has already exhausted the value of the bigger names of its universe for the big screen treatment, they are determined to keep their presence alive by mining the lesser-known sections of their extensive canon. We’ve already seen Shang-Chi brought to wider attention, now it is the turn … Continue reading Movie Review – Eternals

Anime Review – Haibane Renmei

Haibane Renmei Collector’s Edition (Cert 12) 2 Discs Blu-ray (Distributor: MVM) Running time: 325 minutes approx. Once again MVM have raided their archives to revive a curious title originally released in the UK in 2005, which may have slipped under the radar for many, repackaged as a single collection box set, hoping to find a … Continue reading Anime Review – Haibane Renmei

Movie Review – Homestay

Homestay Japan (2022) Dir. Natsuki Seta Life is precious. Not everyone agrees with this, but for the most part it is something the majority of the world’s general populace tend to cherish it. Those who feel less enthused are not limited to murderers - suicide is a very common way to end a life too, … Continue reading Movie Review – Homestay

Movie Review – Human Animals

Human Animals (Animales Humanos) Mexico (2020) Dir. Lex Ortega It’s funny that so many us would prioritise the lives of animals over humans; I would have questioned this had I not become a dog owner 6 ½ years ago. Since then, it is unconditional to me that her life is as precious as any human’s … Continue reading Movie Review – Human Animals

Movie Review – Azor

Azor Argentina/France (2021) Dir. Andreas Fontana Swiss bank accounts are very popular among the rich, the crooked, and those who are both rich AND crooked. For a country known for its neutrality, there is something quiet passive aggressive about this “no names, no pack drill” policy as one of the world’s biggest open secrets. What … Continue reading Movie Review – Azor

Movie Review – Annette

Annette US (2021) Dir. Leos Carax Ethel Merman’s signature song There’s No Business Like Show Business, originally from the musical Annie Get Your Gun and written by written by Irving Berlin, was designed to celebrate all that is good about being a performer. Considering the state many famous people end up mentally, physically or worse, … Continue reading Movie Review – Annette

Movie Review – My Boss Is A Serial Killer

My Boss Is A Serial Killer Thailand (2021) Dirs. Phuwanit Pholdee & Sornpat Prakaranant Bosses can be scary people due to the power they have and can wield over us, and the higher up they get the corporate ladder the worse they can become. This isn’t true of all of them but some do take … Continue reading Movie Review – My Boss Is A Serial Killer

Movie Review – Apostasy

Apostasy UK (2017) Dir. Daniel Kokotajlo I probably shouldn’t watch films with religious themes as they not only tend to make me angry as an Atheist but they are also hard to review objectively as a result. By the same token, they are annoying educational, offering an insight into a lifestyle alien to many of … Continue reading Movie Review – Apostasy