It’s been a while since I last did some photo-manipulation/compositing – since January in fact – but I have been non-stop with reviews, video edits and non- COVID related personal issues. Truth be told, I had upgraded my PC from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 back in March, which meant having to relearn a lot of my software and programmes due to the many upgrades to them in the interim years. One of them was Photoshop, and after finally finding a gap in my reviewing schedule I decided to dust off my XP-Pen tablet and see if it still worked!

As you can see, the six month gap as shown how rusty I was, which made me even more hesitant to give it a go in case it turned out really badly. The picture I used for the main subject is from the Instagram of AEW Japanese wrestler Hikaru Shida, who is also an actress, singer, and cosplayer. She posted a few pictures of herself a while back with a small sword and I immediately envisioned her with a proper katana having slayed someone or something.

Unfortunately I wasn’t away of how low res Shida’s images were which is why the finished picture is much smaller than my previous works because going any larger will result in loss of clarity that even Photoshop can’t compensate for. This also explains why Shida’s face is perhaps the least detailed part of the picture but fans will know it is her.

Once again, I was on a huge learning curve, not just reacquainting myself with the old techniques but applying new ones for the first time. Some worked well, some didn’t but at least I have tried them and can (hopefully) only improve from here.

Aside from Hikaru Shida, the assets used came from Google, Tim Foster and Sacre Bleu via Unsplash

Click thumbnail for full sized image:


And here is the finished article (Click image for full size).

Under the circumstances I am quite happy with the results but would might have done more with a Hi-res version of the main picture. It might be step-backwards after my last few efforts but I still learned a lot making this one.

As always you can see all my artwork on my new Instagram account! If you are on there, please do give me a follow! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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