Small Axe

Small Axe UK (2020) Dir. Steve McQueen In 2010, British director Steve McQueen had the idea of making a TV series for the BBC about the lives of black people in Britain, but after he started writing, McQueen realised he had enough material to tell individual stories instead. The result is Small Axe, five feature … Continue reading Small Axe

Someone, Somewhere (Deux moi)

Someone, Somewhere (Deux moi) France (2019) Dir. Cédric Klapisch So near yet so far. It is amazing what we look for in life might be right under our noses but for whatever reason we are unable to see it. Be it circumstances or fate, we carry on looking far and wide for a solution to … Continue reading Someone, Somewhere (Deux moi)

Something a bit different…6 – Christmas Special!

Ho Ho Ho - Season greetings everyone! The festive season is upon us and since I've been tinkering with photo-manipulations and composites in Photoshop, it was inevitable I'd try something with a Yuletide theme to it, naturally starring my Pug Penny! The source stock images came from Google Search, Olenka Sergienko and, Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush from … Continue reading Something a bit different…6 – Christmas Special!

Another Round (Druk)

Another Round (Druk) Denmark (2020) Dir. Thomas Vinterberg There is an episode of The Simpsons where, after prohibition is enforced on Springfield then eventually revoked, Homer celebrates with the toast "To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems". It may have been said in jest, but is an aphorism that is … Continue reading Another Round (Druk)

Ride Your Wave (Kimi to, nami ni noretara) Anime Review

Ride Your Wave (Kimi to, nami ni noretara) Japan (2019) Dir. Masaaki Yuasa Having a passion is great; finding someone to share it with isn’t always easy. If you do then you are very lucky, others struggle to persuade their partners even to care about their passions, let alone sharing it with them. But maybe … Continue reading Ride Your Wave (Kimi to, nami ni noretara) Anime Review

The Woman Who Ran (Domangchin yeoja)

The Woman Who Ran (Domangchin yeoja) Korea (2020) Dir. Hong Sang-soo Spoiler: there are no running women in this film, but they do talk a lot; and eat a lot too, but mostly talk. It’s a Hong Sang-soo film, what do you expect? Anyway, the more pressing question is what exactly is the woman is … Continue reading The Woman Who Ran (Domangchin yeoja)

I Am REN (Jestem REN)

I Am REN (Jestem REN) Poland (2020) Dir. Piotr Ryczko  Not everyone is directly responsible for their actions. Mental illness has a habit of making us behave against character, the struggle extending beyond us to our families too. Pin pointing the exact root of the problem isn’t always easy - trauma can lead to loss … Continue reading I Am REN (Jestem REN)

Space Brothers (Uchû kyôdai)

Space Brothers (Uchû kyôdai) Japan (2012) Dir. Yoshitaka Mori There are leaders and followers in this world, and sometimes seniority dictates which of these roles we are to assume, specifically in the case of family. Almost by definition, the first-born is expected to achieve things before their younger siblings do, but since life is unpredictable, … Continue reading Space Brothers (Uchû kyôdai)

Movie Review – Knuckledust

Knuckledust (Cert 18) VOD (Distributor: Samuel Goldwyn Films) Running Time: 106 minutes approx. Disclaimer: Due to me being hard of hearing and with the screener I watched not having HOH subtitles as well as a hideous sound mix, I was unable to understand very little of the dialogue. Therefore, details of the plot will be … Continue reading Movie Review – Knuckledust