This entry in my series of photo-manipulations and composites in Photoshop is a sort of Post-Christmas edition, in that it was a picture I made for my sister’s Christmas present, starring her pug Millie. I actually made it before some of the other pictures already featured on this site but couldn’t share it publicly until I had given it to my sister!

For the theme I had to do something a bit different from what I have done with Penny, and with Millie bring considerable more active than Penny, the idea of her performing some kind a dynamic act made sense, and for whatever reason, I came out with surfing.

Interesting note, I originally used a different photo of Millie though I wasn’t completely happy with it, and it was difficult to ask my sister for photos without giving anything anyway (though she probably guessed it was coming anyway). When my sister came over to visit with Millie, I took the shot seen below behind her back (trying to get Millie to stand still in a suitable pose was a nightmare) then snuck off to finish the picture!

The stock images came from Google Search, Louis Moncouyoux and Tim Marshall from Unsplash, and Emiliano Arano from Pexels.

Click thumbnail for full sized image:


And here is the finished article (Click image for full size).

I was quite pleased with this one and it looks pretty good in a picture frame with an aperture border too!

As always you can see all my artwork on my new Instagram account! If you are on there, please do give me a follow! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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