I’ve been doing some more tinkering in Photoshop and learning more about photo manipulation composites.

This latest effort features my pug Penny who some of you hopefully have seen before if you’ve watched any of my short films or follow me on social media. If not why not? Obviously, the idea is to do something more than just have Penny sitting there, though my original concept idea turned out to be a little too ambitious for current level of Photoshopping skills. However, after much experimentation of different shots of Penny and the other images, it finally fell into place.

Amazingly I only need five images for this piece with the magic coming from the effects, i.e. the lighting, colours,  blending modes, etc. Here are the stock images I used, again Google search,  Pixbay and  Shutterstock

Click thumbnail for full sized image:


And after hours of shading, adjusting the lighting and adding different overlays to create the various highlights and blends, this is the end result:

Click thumbnail for full size image


I’m quite proud of this one though I imagine I will look back on it one day and notice things I could have improved on.

And as a bonus, here is a piece I made to celebrate the birthday of my current favourite wrestler Asuka:

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    1. Thank you! However I’m a mere novice – you should see what the real pros can do. Check out the links in the previous art post from BennyP or RafyA, their stuff is beyond words. 😮

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