I’m taking a slight departure from my reviewing and end of year lists to share something different with you all.

I’ve been wanting to improve my Photoshop skills for years and whilst my growth using it has been exponential it wasn’t until these past few weeks that I found myself watching tutorials via YouTube on how to do many of the things that always eluded me from there I discovered the world of composite art and photo manipulation art. This is where you take random stock images and put them together to make a whole new work, often with a fantastic touch to it.

Following great help and tips videos from the likes of PiXimperfect and watching, in awe, absurdly talented artists like Benny Productions and rafyA, I finally took the plunge and had a go at creating my own composite.

The stock images I used came from Google search,  Pixbay and another source which I’ve forgotten, possibly freebies from Shutterstock :

Click thumbnail for full sized image

I nicked bits and pieces from all of these pics and with a bit jiggery pokery, lots of trial and error and restarts  and put them together to create this:


Click thumbnail for full size image

Since I am still using a mouse and not a graphics tablet like the pros do, my brush work is a little sloppy, and I need to learn more about shading and lighting, but I’m quite proud of it for a first time effort.

You can see this and other bits of Photoshop twiddling as well as any future works on my newly set up Instagram account! If you are on there, please do give me a follow! 🙂

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