It’s been a while but I’ve been nominated for another WordPress blogger award, this time the Mystery Blogger Award. Since I know who made the nomination, the wonderful Moya over at The Moyatorium, and I know who I am, I can’t see where the mystery is! Joking aside, it seems it was an idea to help give wider exposure to bloggers who remain on the fringes of the WordPress universe and help boost this unique community. A noble gesture indeed.

Naturally, there are rules to be followed which are thus:


  1. Display the award logo on your blog.
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  3. Mention Okoto Enigma, the creator of the award.
  4. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
  5. Answer 5 questions from the nominee.
  6. Nominate 10 – 20 bloggers.
  7. Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog.
  8. Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice, including 1 weird or funny question.
  9. Share the link to your best post.


I may have to skimp a little step 6 as most people I tend to choose for these things have either participated before or simply don’t do these kind of things.

As you can see I have already featured the logo, and named Moya to whom I offer my thanks for my nomination, and I’ve linked to the award creator too since his name is included in the list above. So, let’s jump right to step 4.


3 Things About Myself

I’ve already revealed plenty about myself in previous awards (see the links on the right hand side panel of the front page) so I apologise for the flaccid nature of these tidbits.


  1. Being Autistic, I am very set in my ways so when things don’t happen – for example foods I like are no longer available or sold out – it really messes up my day/week/life in trying to find an alternative, and can lead to a stressful meltdown.
  2. I have only bought one mobile phone despite owning six in my lifetime. All phones from my second one to my current iPhone are all hand me downs from family members, the last one actually being bought for me as a birthday present.
  3. Falling asleep during the day is easy for me, but when it comes to night time I have to have the room in pitch black darkness or I can’t sleep. As soon as a light – any light no matter how small, like from my phone or form outside, comes on, it makes it harder for me to drop off.


Sorry that was so boring. Now, to step 5 and to Moya’s questions:


1. What colour of clothing do you wear the most?

Do you really have to ask? The clue is in the name MIB! 😉

2. What’s your opinion on dessert pizza?

I genuinely had to Google this. I suppose it is a fun thing for parties, dinner parties, and such; in fact, it is probably a long overdue idea in that sense. I assume they don’t use real pizza dough for these though? Somehow the idea of ice cream or fruit on that seems like a severe taste clash to me.

 3.What’s your favourite mountain (even if you never thought about it, try choosing one! I like mountains these days…)?

Definitely never thought about. The only one I have ever visited was the Troodos Mountains in Cyprus way back in 19 mumble mumble…That was horrific as it was in the middle of summer and whilst the mountains themselves were picturesque, the coach driver was a psycho on the winding roads, and when we stopped for lunch, the place was literally swarming with insects. We had to be moved inside because it was effectively raining with bugs bombarding us in kamikaze missions as we were trying to eat.

Anyway, to answer the question, as an Japanophile I’ll say Mount Fuji. Just because.

 4. Are you good at navigating to places, or are you a little directionally challenged?

The latter. It might be an Autistic thing but I have ZERO sense of direction and can get lost in a straight line. I’ve been in tears before when I’ve gone out somewhere and got lost because I couldn’t understand directions. This is also why I cannot drive, because I can never remember routes, let alone concentrate on following one and on driving at the same time.It’s embarrassing to admit but if I need to go somewhere new, I have to have my Dad drive me there first so I know where I am going, although that won’t happen anymore as his decreasingly mobility means he doesn’t drive much now.

 5. You’re in great debt to the mafia and they’re chopping off one of your fingers on each hand (the same finger on each). Which finger would you rather lose?

Sorry to be pedantic but isn’t that more a Yakuza punishment than a Mafia one? 😉 Anyway, the obvious answers is I wouldn’t be in debt to them so my fingers would be safe! 😛 But to play the game, I suppose the little finger is the most logical one to sacrifice but as a lapsed guitar player, even that would be a great loss (unless your name is Django Reinhardt of course).



As I said earlier, my pool of eligible nominees is a lot smaller than most as many seldom if ever participate in these sort of affairs, or I have exhausted their patience with similar things I the past. Therefore I cannot fulfil even the minimum total of nominations but I do hope this meagre gesture will placate the terms of the rules.

So, I am putting the following blogs on the spot:








My 5 Questions

  1. Assuming you are eligible to, how often do you vote in general elections in your country, and is it out of duty or because you believe in the power of your vote?
  2. If you could have any fictional car (Knight Rider, James Bond, Wacky Races, etc) complete with all its cool functions as seen in the TV/film/cartoon which one would it be?
  3. Which song from your childhood/teen years brings back the most special memories for you when you hear it today?
  4. How far into a t-shirt’s state of deterioration do you decide to throw it out or turn it into a duster – eg: a few holes, a lot of holes, completely faded image, etc. ?
  5. You have guests coming for dinner. You own a dog and a cat. Literally moments before the guests are due to arrive, the dog does a mess on the carpet in the front hallway. As you go to clean it up, the cat does a mess too. Before you can begin the clear up, the doorbell rings. There is nobody else in the house.

Do you:

a) Let the guests in, have them avoid the mess then clean it up?

b) Clean the mess up and let the guests wait?

c) Quickly scoop up the mess then answer the door whilst still holding mess?



My Best Post

This is a hard one because I don’t know how to judge what is my “best” post. Is it the one with the most views, or with the most reactions, such as likes or replies (which I seldom get)? I assume it is actually meant to be one that I myself feel most proud of, which comes with its own caveat since 98% of my posts are reviews, therefore fit a particular template I am comfortable working in.

So, I am afraid I am going to be cheeky and subvert this requirement by selecting my Filmmaking page which is where you will find a collection of short films, showreels, and edits I have made over the past decade which I am proud of but would also like greater recognition for.

Here is the link for those of you too lazy to click on the one in the top menu bar:


My thanks again to Moya for nominating me to go through this existential hell, thanks to you for reading, and I hope my nominees will also oblige and keep this initiative going.




11 thoughts on “Mystery Blogger Award

  1. Thanks for the mention!

    I don’t actually think the idea of a dessert pizza is all that unusual; I once had a dessert calzone, and it was really good.

    And I think playing video games a lot forced me to develop a good sense of direction. I once found my way back to my hotel in a large city at night despite me only having been there for a few days by then.

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  2. “Sorry to be pedantic but isn’t that more a Yakuza punishment than a Mafia one? 😉“…That’s exactly what I thought too!😂😂😂
    Thanks so much for the nomination, I appreciate it! And I really enjoyed reading this post! I also like the questions you came up with, especially the one about the car. I already have an answer for that one, but I’m not telling…….yet😊 I will get to work on this one hopefully the upcoming week!
    Thanks again!!!😀😀

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  3. Thanks for doing the tag, and I enjoyed your answers!

    I relate so hard to the pitch black thing. I sleep with double curtains and always keep my door shut, and can’t fall asleep if any light seeps through the cracks!

    Dessert pizza is sometimes made with actual pizza dough. Quality greatly depends on the sensibility of the baker, as with any other food, I suppose.

    And lol, I can stare at a map the whole time and still get lost.

    The mafia isn’t into finger-chopping? That’s too bad… I guess the stories I heard as a kid are more yakuza-inspired, being Asian and all.

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  4. I have only ever owned two mobile phones and I didn’t buy either of them. One was a birthday present and recently my sis gave me one of hers (she is one of those people who upgrades on an annual basis, so she has plenty to spare).

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