Accel World Complete Collection (Cert 15)

4 Discs Blu-ray (Distributor: MVM) Running time: 571 minutes approx.

I hope you’ll forgive the fact that this is one of the laziest reviews ever posted on this site because this title is a re-release of one already reviewed upon its original release back in 2014.

Accel World is being resurrected because MVM have given it the Blu-ray treatment and to be fair, the very nature of the show – centred around a group of school kids fighting in a virtual reality world – needs to be seen in HD. Not that it wasn’t had to watch on DVD but the detailed artwork of this alternate setting and bombastic visuals of the fights were made for the best quality viewing experience possible.

For that reason there will be an audience ready to double dip and upgrade but I fear they will be hardcore fans of the show – anyone who found it sufficiently enjoyable or a fun way to pass the time won’t need to burden their wallets a second time. But, that will be up to the individual, all I can do is share my opinion.

Just to clarify one point regarding the release format, despite the extra storage capacity of a Blu-ray disc compared to that of a DVD, this is still a four-disc set like before. With 26-episodes in the series, they could have done 9 episodes on two discs and 8 on the third, but instead it is 9-4-9-4. I doubt this will make much difference for most fans though.

To be honest my feelings towards the show haven’t really changed since my first viewing six years ago, though I must confess to have forgotten everything about it, with the lone exception of the tubby protagonist and his in-game porcine avatar. In binge watching it for a second time, I found it a bit draining; with the pattern being slice-of-life set up followed by explosive battle, it tends to play havoc to your senses.

So I would advise maybe watching one disc at a time unless you don’t share my issue of sensory overload which this show has in abundance. Then again, as it is aimed primarily at gamers, sitting in front of screen watching characters fly about blowing each other up would lead to them having a greater resilience that mine to such an intense experience.

If you want a reminder of the story, my original reviews are here:





Japanese Language 2.0 Stereo LCPM

English Language 2.0 Stereo LCPM

English Subtitles

Discs 2 & 4 only:

Clean Opening

Clean Closing



Rating – ***   

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