Tomorrow I Will Date With Yesterday’s You (Boku wa asu, kinou no kimi to dêto suru)

Tomorrow I Will Date With Yesterday's You (Boku wa asu, kinou no kimi to dêto suru) Japan (2016) Dir. Takahiro Miki I am sure there are countless people who have found their true love and on occasion wondered “This is too good to be true” - I know it would be that case for this … Continue reading Tomorrow I Will Date With Yesterday’s You (Boku wa asu, kinou no kimi to dêto suru)

Penguins Of Madagascar

Penguins Of Madagascar US (2014) Dirs. Eric Darnell & Simon J. Smith Always be careful what you wish for. Whenever a supporting character in a film or TV series steals the show, calls for them to have their own spin-off are immediately leapt upon by producers, looking to milk the franchise some more. Not that … Continue reading Penguins Of Madagascar

Mildred Pierce

Mildred Pierce US (1945) Dir. Michael Curtiz How far would a mother go to secure the love of her daughter? It really needn’t be asked as filial piety should be unconditional as is the love between parent and offspring, but it is pondered in this classic noir drama that saw Joan Crawford win her only … Continue reading Mildred Pierce

The Olive Tree (El olivo)

The Olive Tree (El olivo) Spain (2016) Dir. Icíar Bollaín It is hard to understand the true sentimental value something has to a person, no matter how ridiculous the item in question may seem to us, but it is often in our best interests as human beings to respect this and find a way to … Continue reading The Olive Tree (El olivo)

Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 US (2014) Dirs. Don Hall & Chris Williams Perhaps it is just me but somehow this Disney film seemed to have slipped under my radar, which is unusual considering how much of a mighty publicity machine Uncle Walt’s company is, especially in pushing their animated fare. Still, it means the surprise is … Continue reading Big Hero 6


Baskin Turkey (2015) Dir. Can Evrenol “Arthouse horror” is the latest trend in cinema to come from South America and parts of Europe, with Mexican effort We Are The Flesh the first one experienced by yours truly - “experienced” being the operative word as these surreal descents into unimaginable psychedelic and psychotic worlds can’t really … Continue reading Baskin

MIB’s Top Ten Films Of 2017

It’s the same thing every year - the prospect of having a solid list of films to chose from in compiling what I feel are the standouts at the end of this twelve month period seems to reveal itself closer and closer to the deadline. 2017 however appeared to buck this trend with a run … Continue reading MIB’s Top Ten Films Of 2017

Close-Knit (Karera ga honki de amu toki wa)

Close-Knit (Karera ga honki de amu toki wa) Japan (2017) Dir. Naoko Ogigami “I’m a woman. That comes before being a mother.” Not really the most tactful thing to say in front of the daughter you’ve summarily abandoned in favour of a multi-month getaway trip, but this is only partially what we are dealing with … Continue reading Close-Knit (Karera ga honki de amu toki wa)


Colossal US (2016) Dir. Nacho Vigalondo I don’t drink. As a teen I was unable to admit this because of peer pressure and it was because of this that I grew to actively resent the whole drinking culture, but as an adult, I can declare my abstinence with pride. Plus alcohol tastes disgusting! But while … Continue reading Colossal

Nowhere In Moravia (Díra u Hanusovic)

Nowhere In Moravia (Díra u Hanusovic) Czech Republic (2014) Dir. Miroslav Krobot The wonderful thing about cinema is that we can travel to any country in the world, view their sights and experience their culture without ever leaving our living rooms. If there were a downside, it would be seeing a country through a cynical … Continue reading Nowhere In Moravia (Díra u Hanusovic)