Against all expectations, this humble blog of mine is five years old. In actual fact the fifth anniversary of its creation was back in March but today marks the date it was officially launched and the first post added to it, which is why I am taking that as the date of birth for MIB’s Instant Headache. 

So, how to mark this momentous occasion? Some people make a big fuss and post something special but I honestly couldn’t think of such a thing, largely as this is primarily a review site and extraneous posts are at a minimum.

I’ve posted numerous facts about myself in response to the many blog awards I am humbled to have received so a revelatory post of that nature is negated. Having recently reached the 100,000 site hits tally I have already thanked you, the loyal and cherished reader, for supporting my blog in a gushing post so again that is off the agenda.

Really all that is there left to do is to be a bit boring and share some numbers with you, breaking down some of the various statistics of how my blog has performed over the past five years. The totals listed here are correct at the time of posting and include this very post in the final analysis.



Posts – 1,867 

Views – 103, 165

Visitors – 55, 753

Total Followers – 1,903

WordPress Followers – 262

E-mail Followers – 4

Total Comments – 2523

Top Commenter – Otaku Judge – 281 comments

Busiest Month – Feb 2013 – 3.8K views

Busiest Day – Feb 26th 2013  – 1917

Most Popular Day – Sunday – 17% of views

Most Popular time – 10:00pm – 6% of all views

Country Providing Highest Number Of Visitors – USA

Most Viewed Page – Home Page – 14,371 views

Most Viewed Post – The Unforgiven – 1,907 views


Considering I had little hope for my site when I started it I am but surprised and happy with those numbers. Now, if only I could somehow transform those views into page likes and discussion… 😉

Anyway, that is the story so far. Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who has paid this site a visit and to those of you who regularly return to read my ramblings. Without you there wouldn’t be a site as nobody likes writing for an audience of zero. Also special thanks to Fetch Publicity, MVM and Manga Entertainment for keeping me supplied with review discs.

Now, I wonder if we can survive to a tenth anniversary? 🙂

Thanks again!

Man In Black


12 thoughts on “MIB’s Instant Headache Fifth Anniversary!!

  1. Congrats! Five years is quite the achievement. I have only been blogging for half that time and have seen many sites pack it in during that period. The quality of your writing and frequency that you post content is very impressive.

    From those stats I note that my drivel accounts for eleven percent of your comments. The lurkers that frequent your site need to start typing more or I will overrun the blog with bad puns and my questionable taste in anime.


    1. Thank you very kindly and for your continued patronage and support of my site. 🙂

      Please, feel free to comment on, puns or no puns – it lets me know someone is reading my work! I don’t know why people seem less inclined to engage in discussion of my posts whilst others (including yourself) are flooded with comments almost instantly. Am I that scary? 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have yet to crack what makes some blogs more popular than others. There are so many sites that started after me and already have more followers. In recent times I have changed from longer/serious reviews to shorter/funnier ones. I’m not sure if the tweak has yielded results, The only pattern I see is that writing about mainstream entertainment tends to attract more attention.

        When time allows I try to comment/like the posts of my followers. Maybe that compels some people to respond in kind? The problem with that strategy is that I spend more time reading blogs than writing content for my own.


      2. I know there is no exact science to making a successful blog. I suppose if we didn’t get any satisfaction ourselves from writing we wouldn’t do it at all.

        I often leave likes and comments on other sites when I can or if I have something to say but that rarely is reciprocated. It is bewildering when you have such a wide reach via WP and Twitter yet responses are minimal. Even when I do “mainstream” reviews they seem to slip under the radar. :/

        Oh well, the stats suggest that someone is reading my posts so even if they are silent at least they are reading! 🙂


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