This blog of mine will have been running for five years this April and right from the onset, I wondered if anyone would notice it considering the sheer multitude of movie and anime review sites already existing on the internet. Was there room for one more? 

Apparently so and the steady stream of visitors over the last five years seems to vindicate my decision to start this blog. Since then I have been fortunate to see some regular visitors pop up either to “like” a post or submit the odd comment and to them I am grateful, as I am to anyone and everyone who has clicked on a link via Twitter, Facebook or through other means and stopped by.

I know that 100,000 hits is paltry compared to some of the larger sites out there which get that amount in a week (or even a day in some cases) but for me this is a massive achievement since I had doubts about the appeal of this site in the first place but I cannot complain about reaching this monumental milestone.

So, thank you once again to everyone who has visited this site, and to those who come back for more on a daily basis. I may not be the most loquacious, articulate or consistent writer but your continued support is very precious to me.

Here’s to hitting the 200, 000 mark in 2022!



13 thoughts on “100,000 hits!

    1. Thanks although I cover roughly the same anime titles as you (admittedly to less response) so… 😉

      Once again, thanks also for being on my regular visitors and comment posters. Appreciate it. 🙂

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      1. My remark was mostly directed at the foreign language films you cover. Heck, even wrestling isn’t as popular as it once was. Your reviews are great so I am sure you would get even more views if you only covered box office stuff. That what be a shame though because part of your site’s appeal is giving in depth coverage to more obscure releases.

        With respect to anime, it doesn’t seem to be that popular in terms of hits for me anymore. My last couple of anime reviews didn’t get great stats when compared to the live action movies or video games. There are tons of good anime blogs out there though so the competition to attract readers is fierce.


      2. Thanks.

        One of the reason why I started this site was to provide a review source for fans of world cinema as opposed to the plethora of those sites that cover all the latest cinema releases. I’m not alone in this as I subscribe to many other sites with a similar remit – some even go more obscure than me – so the addition of anime and WWE was an attempt to add a bit of variety for both me and any prospective readers.

        There are also plenty of anime sites out there too, so competition is fierce as you say, but I pride myself on being a bit earlier if possible with my reviews. It’s a shame your latest anime post stats have seen a slight reduction but you still get more likes and discussion than I do, so you must be doing something right! 😉


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