The Priests (Geomeun sajedeul)

The Priests (Geomeun sajedeul) Korea (2015) Dir. Jang Jae-Hyun Typical - we go a lifetime without any films from Korea dealing with the subject of exorcism then we get two at once! Na Hong-Jin’s The Wailing tormented us into sleepless nights but his gnarly epic was preceded by this debut outing from Jang Jae-Hyun, an … Continue reading The Priests (Geomeun sajedeul)

MIB’s Top Ten Anime of 2016 (Japan)

  The anime industry in Japan just keeps on rolling and whilst that is a good thing for us fans there is the small matter of quality over quantity. 2016 saw another vast array of titles make their debut on Japanese TV, alongside returning favourites and the long running hardy perennials which show no signs … Continue reading MIB’s Top Ten Anime of 2016 (Japan)

Valley Of Love

Valley Of Love France (2015) Dir. Guillaume Nicloux Take two of France’s greatest actors, a story with a unique and intriguing premise and a multi-hyphenate writer-director to helm the project, and the rest should theoretically take care of itself, correct? Sadly in this case of this Palme d’Or nominated film that isn’t quite the end … Continue reading Valley Of Love

MIB’s Top Ten Anime of 2016 (UK)

  2016 has been a year many of us would prefer to forget for a number of reasons, but at least for anime fans our hunger for Japanese animation was suitably satiated with another slew of fine releases arriving on our shores. Along with the usual regular UK distributors Manga, MVM, Animatsu and All The … Continue reading MIB’s Top Ten Anime of 2016 (UK)

WWE – Hell In A Cell 2016

WWE – Hell In A Cell 2016 (Cert 15) 1 Disc Blu-ray / DVD (Distributor: Fremantle Media) Running Time: 184 minutes approx. The 2016 iteration of this annual multi-cage match event made history, not just for holding the first ever Woman’s match inside Hell In The Cell, but by also being the first ever WWE … Continue reading WWE – Hell In A Cell 2016

It’s A Wonderful Tag

    Well this is something new for me - a Christmas game of tag.  This is a blogger chain game created by Richard at The Humpo Show in which we are set a few seasonal related questions with a slight thematic twist to them, then "tag" other bloggers to do the same and keep … Continue reading It’s A Wonderful Tag

MIB’s Top Ten Films Of 2016

  2016 has been a funny old year, what with the grim reaper taking most of beloved celebrities from us yet leaving behind a bunch utter subhuman buffoons hell bent on destroying our countries through their own pernicious megalomaniac whims. But one constant remains and that is the fact great films are still being made. … Continue reading MIB’s Top Ten Films Of 2016