Apologies for the tardiness of this post, but I once again find myself humbled to receive my fourth Liebster Award, the bloggers way of recognising and celebrating the work of their blogging peers.

It is to Markus of The Marcko Guy that I am indebted for this latest endorsement and as ever, in accepting this award one must honour the following rules in both receiving and making their own nominations:


  1. Post the Liebster Award graphic on your site.
  1. Thank the blogger who nominated your blog for a Liebster Award and link back to their blog.
  1. The nominee is asked to write 11 facts about themselves so people who discover their blog through the Liebster post will learn more about them.
  1. In addition to posting 11 fun facts about themselves, the nominee should also answer the 11 questions from the post of the person who nominated them.
  1. The nominee will in turn, nominate 11 other blogs with 200 or less followers for a Liebster Award by posting a comment on their blog and linking back to the Liebster post.
  1. The nominee will then create 11 questions of their own for their nominated bloggers to answer in their Liebster post.


With this being my fourth award I am forced to deviate from some of the requirements – vis-à-vis, sharing information about myself (I’ve exhausted all the trivia I have about myself in previous award posts) and in not being able to nominate eleven blogs in return, again a result of dwindling options.

So, here goes with my contribution. Answering Markus’s questions first:


  1. What is the most overrated movie of all time?

Well this is a matter of opinion obviously, but of the most lauded films I have seen I would probably go for Tarkovsky’s Mirror. I know it is an arthouse favourite but I didn’t have a clue what was going on thus I can’t subscribe to the “Greatest Film Of All Time” legacy this film has.


  1. What is your favourite game show?

If “game show” and “quiz show” are interchangeable terms than The Chase; If not then probably The Crystal Maze.


  1. Why did you start blogging?

A common question which I have answered in previous Liebster posts. The short version, I needed an outlet for my review writing.


  1. Which actor/actress would you like to wake up next to?

She’s more of a model but she has acted in many films and TV series so Japanese idol Mikie Hara! 😛


  1. Who is your favourite author?

Last time I was asked this I said Shaun Hutson by virtue of having many of his books, but lately I’ve enjoyed Japanese authors Miyuki Minabe and Natsuo Kirino.


  1. Do you read comics?

Not since I was a kid although I did read adult comics like Viz and Smut in the early 90’s.


  1. What movie always manages to get you in a good mood?

I’m not really one for multiple rewatches anymore since my film collection has grown but in my youth it was usually a Marx Brothers film.


  1. Is there a city in your country that you haven’t been to that you would like to visit?

Plenty I’ve not visited but to be honest I’m in no real hurry to either. I’m not a great traveller really.


  1. Favourite film director?

Can’t limit it to just one I’m afraid as so many directors bring so many different things to cinema that I enjoy, but my shortlist would include Akira Kurosawa, Billy Wilder, Ingmar Bergman, Alfred Hitchcock, Sion Sono, Park Chan-Wook, Hayao Miyazaki, Fritz Lang and F.W Murnau.  


  1. Have you ever been arrested?

Officially, no… 😉


  1. What do you think of your site?

It’s awesome of course! 🙂


My 11 questions:


  1. If you could direct a film and cast any actor or actress, living or dead, who would it be?
  1. Which superhero did you want to be as a kid?
  1. Do you believe in God?
  1. Should man-buns/topknots be banned (except for Samurai of course)?
  1. Have you ever joined or set foot in a gym?
  1. What was your favourite childhood toy?
  1. Do you currently have or have you ever had a pet?
  1. And if so, what is/was it?
  1. Can you recall the first film you ever saw at the cinema?
  1. What was the best music concert you ever attended?
  1. Is there a particular word you have trouble pronouncing?


And finally some worthy nominees:


The Wonderful World Of Cinema


Serendipitous Anachronisms


Windows On Worlds

Veronika’s Film Reviews


Congrats to all nominees, thanks once again to Markus for his nomination and thanks to you for reading!


11 thoughts on “The Liebster Award #4

  1. Congratulations! Thank you for nominating me, but I have over 200 followers now, so I’m technically ineligible. Though your questions are interesting, and I’d be happy to answer them for fun.

    I really should watch an Ingmar Bergman film. My brother tells me his The Seventh Seal was great.


    1. Thanks and you’re welcome! 🙂

      If you notice I’ve exceeded 200 followers long ago but still get nominations. I don’t think people really notice or care for that rule! 😉

      Seventh Seal is a sublime work but Bergman has done many others of equal power, such as Wild Strawberries, Virgin Spring, Cries & Whispers and Autumn Sonata.

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