Koma (Jiu ming)

Koma (Jiu ming) Hong Kong (2004) Dir. Law Chi-Leung Two women fighting over a man - how bad will that turn out? In the hands of Law Chi-Leung VERY bad indeed, although suggesting this is the central premise of this chilling psychological drama is a bit misleading. There is a love triangle involved but one … Continue reading Koma (Jiu ming)

The Liebster Award #4

Apologies for the tardiness of this post, but I once again find myself humbled to receive my fourth Liebster Award, the bloggers way of recognising and celebrating the work of their blogging peers. It is to Markus of The Marcko Guy that I am indebted for this latest endorsement and as ever, in accepting this … Continue reading The Liebster Award #4

WWE – Living On A Razor’s Edge – The Scott Hall Story

WWE – Living On A Razor’s Edge - The Scott Hall Story (Cert 12) 2 Disc Blu-ray / 3 Disc DVD (Distributor: Fremantle Media) Running Time: 81 minutes approx. “I’m the poster boy for all the things you can do wrong in wrestling”. This is just an example of the sort of candour you’ll hear … Continue reading WWE – Living On A Razor’s Edge – The Scott Hall Story

Red Family (Bulg-eun gajog)

Red Family (Bulg-eun gajog) Korea (2013) Dir. Lee Ju-Hyoung Kim Ki-Duk is a director whose reputation as a provocative filmmaker not only precedes him but also well deserved. Therefore, it will come as quite the surprise to many to learn that Kim wrote this relatively conventional (for him) drama, which he also produced and edited, … Continue reading Red Family (Bulg-eun gajog)


Gilda US (1946) Dir. Charles Vidor People often forget that some legendary Hollywood stars had lengthy and fruitful careers despite usually being defined by a single performance. Some would crave to be remembered at all, let alone for one iconic role, but mention Rita Hayworth and chances are “Gilda” will be the automatic response. Not … Continue reading Gilda

A War (Krigen)

A War (Krigen) Denmark (2015) Dir. Tobias Lindholm The title of this latest offering from the prolific Tobias Lindholm, the man who wrote The Hunt and directed the ultra tense A Hijacking, is a little nebulous in that there is more than one battleground hosting a conflict. Switching between Afghanistan and Denmark, we begin in … Continue reading A War (Krigen)


To celebrate the release of the tense and hard-hitting action drama WARSAW 1944 - on DVD, VOD & available for download 27th June - we are giving away a copy on DVD courtesy of Fetch Publicity! An epic re-telling of the Warsaw uprising during the Second World War, Warsaw 1944 follows the story of a … Continue reading EXCLUSIVE “WARSAW 1944” DVD COMPETITION!


Victoria Germany (2015) Dir. Sebastian Schipper In 2002 Russian director Alexander Sokurov presented us with Russian Ark, a 96 minute film reportedly shot in one take. In 2014 Mexican director Alejandro G. Iñárritu tried to follow suit with the Oscar winning Birdman, although it was patently obvious it was really a series of one-take shots. … Continue reading Victoria

Parasyte: The Maxim Collection 1

Parasyte: The Maxim Collection 1 (Episodes 1-12) (Cert 18) 3 Discs DVD/2 Discs Blu-ray (Distributor: Animatsu Entertainment) Running time: 274 minutes approx. When Frank Sinatra famously sang “I’ve got you under my skin” I doubt he would have envisioned the true horrors such a metaphorical notion would actually have. Mangaka Hitoshi Iwaaki did and the … Continue reading Parasyte: The Maxim Collection 1

Café. Waiting. Love (Deng yi ge ren ka fei)

Café. Waiting. Love (Deng yi ge ren ka fei) Taiwan (2014) Dir. Chiang Chin-Lin In 2011, Giddens Ko's film adaptation of his own bestselling novel The Girl We Chased Together In Those Years, renamed You Are The Apple Of My Eye, became Taiwan’s highest grossing film at the box office. The beginning of a trilogy … Continue reading Café. Waiting. Love (Deng yi ge ren ka fei)