Il Boom

Il Boom Italy (1963) Dir. Vittorio De Sica By the time the 1960’s had arrived Italian cinema had fully made the lateral shift from gritty social dramas to Commedia All'Italiana (Comedy Italian Style). Vittorio De Sica’s Il Boom is a wry look at the economic boom Italy enjoyed in the 1950’s and the change in … Continue reading Il Boom

The Last Command

The Last Command (Cert PG) 1 Disc Blu-ray/1 Disc DVD Dual Format (Distributor: Eureka) Running Time: 88 minutes approx. It is ironic that the 2016 Oscars were overshadowed by accusations of racism and lack of diversity, yet the very first Oscars held back in the racially insensitive days of 1929 displayed anything but. Case in … Continue reading The Last Command


Tsukimonogatari (Cert 15) 1 Disc DVD Blu-ray (Distributor: MVM) Running time: 103 minutes approx. There is a point during the final episode of this latest release from the Monogatari saga in which the following dialogue comes from the mouth of the show’s protagonist Koyomi Araragi: “I’m dense. I don’t understand when you tell me in … Continue reading Tsukimonogatari

Enemies In-Law (Wiheomhan Sanggyeonrye 2)

Enemies In-Law (Wiheomhan Sanggyeonrye 2) Korea (2015) Dir. Kim Jin-young If you are wondering why the original Korean title has a “2” at the end of it and don’t recall an previous film with this title, this is because this is a spiritual sequel of sorts to the 2011 film Meet The In-Laws also directed … Continue reading Enemies In-Law (Wiheomhan Sanggyeonrye 2)

The Bunker (Der Bunker)

The Bunker (Der Bunker) Germany (2015) Dir. Nikias Chryssos It has been a long held myth here in old Blighty that the Germans don’t possess a sense of humour. Perhaps not so demonstrably untrue if their film output is being judged, it is fair to say that Teutonic humour is considerably more esoteric to our … Continue reading The Bunker (Der Bunker)

Angel On The Right (Fararishtay kifti rost)

Angel On The Right (Fararishtay kifti rost) Tajikistan (2002) Dir. Jamshed Usmonov This is a double first for yours truly - not only is this the first time watching a film from Tajikistan but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of the country! Genuine unchartered territory here for me! Set in the impoverished … Continue reading Angel On The Right (Fararishtay kifti rost)

Venus in Fur (La Vénus à la fourrure)

Venus In Fur (La Vénus à la fourrure) France (2013) Dir. Roman Polanski It’s fair to say that over the past few years Roman Polanski cinematic endeavours have been overshadowed by his personal life, namely an indiscretion from almost 40 years ago which has haunted him ever since. Regardless, Polanski continues to work with this … Continue reading Venus in Fur (La Vénus à la fourrure)

The Monkey King 2 (Xi You Ji Zhi Sun Wukong San Da Baigujing)

The Monkey King 2 (Xi You Ji Zhi Sun Wukong San Da Baigujing) Hong Kong /China (2016) Dir. Pou-Soi Cheang If we have learned anything from the modern movie business model it is that no matter how bad a film is, if it scores big at the box office a sequel is inevitable. This applies … Continue reading The Monkey King 2 (Xi You Ji Zhi Sun Wukong San Da Baigujing)

Butterfly’s Tongue (La lengua de las mariposas)

Butterfly’s Tongue (La lengua de las mariposas) Spain (1999) Dir. José Luis Cuerda It doesn’t really matter how old you are, sometimes nothing can truly prepare you for the harsh realities of what life has in store for us. Based on three short stories - A lingua das bolboretas, Un saxo na néboa and Carmiña … Continue reading Butterfly’s Tongue (La lengua de las mariposas)


Cashback UK (2006) Dir. Sean Ellis Beauty, as 19th century writer Margaret Wolfe Hungerford famously observed in her novel Molly Bawn, is in the eye of the beholder. This can also take many forms and can be found in the most unlikely of places depending on that eye - even a late night Sainsbury’s! Art … Continue reading Cashback