Naked Ambition 2 (aka Naked Ambition 3D)

Naked Ambition 2 (aka Naked Ambition 3D) Hong Kong (2014) Dir. Kung-Lok Lee For some people, “AV” stands for “Audio Visual” but for others – especially in Far East Asia – it stand for “Adult Video”. It is the latter than serves as the topic of this apparent sequel to a ribald 2003 outing (helmed … Continue reading Naked Ambition 2 (aka Naked Ambition 3D)

Kokoro Connect OVA Collection

Kokoro Connect OVA Collection (Cert 15) 1 Disc (Distributor: MVM) Running time: 110 minutes approx. Normally when an OVA collection from an established series arrives the content tends to be formed of standalone adventures featuring the main cast, often stepping outside the usual boundaries of the main plotlines for some extraneous fun. It is something … Continue reading Kokoro Connect OVA Collection

A Liar’s Autobiography: The Untrue Story of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman

A Liar's Autobiography: The Untrue Story of Monty Python's Graham Chapman UK (2013) Dir. Bill Jones, Jeff Simpson & Ben Timlett And now for something completely different. Which is in fact an extremely apropos way to open this review rather than lazily making a twee Monty Python reference since this film is likely to disappoint … Continue reading A Liar’s Autobiography: The Untrue Story of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman

Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari

Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari (Cert U) 2 Discs DVD/Blu-ray (Distributor: Eureka) Running Time: 77 minutes approx. Heralded as the epitome of German Expressionist cinema and one of the most influential silent horror films of all time Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari is given a new lease of life thanks to this stunningly impressive 4K … Continue reading Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari

The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie US (2014) Dirs. Phil Lord & Christopher Miller I can still hear the audible groans from when the announcement came that Hollywood was going to make a film based on those fiddly interlocking plastic blocks created by Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1949. With Tinsel Town relying on remakes, reboots, comic book adaptations … Continue reading The Lego Movie

Miss Violence

Miss Violence Greece (2013) Dir. Alexandros Avranas Over the past few years Greece has been the surprise provider of some of the most esoteric, quirky and disturbingly provocative films to hit the big screen (outside of Asia). With the likes of Yorgos Lanthimos (Dogtooth, Alps) leading the way this trend continues to yield darker results, … Continue reading Miss Violence

Gargantia On The Verdurous Planet

Gargantia On The Verdurous Planet (Cert 12) 1 Disc (Distributor: Manga Entertainment) Running time: 356 minutes approx.    Gen Urobuchi is proving to be quite a prolific writer of late with Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero and Psycho Pass delighting anime fans with his dark, psychological and often existential take on popular themes. Urobuchi latest collaboration with … Continue reading Gargantia On The Verdurous Planet

Lesson Of Evil

Lesson Of Evil (Cert 18) 1 Disc (Distributor: Third Window Films) Running Time: 129 minutes approx. When the novel Aku no Kyoten by Yusuke Kishi – of recent anime hit From The New World fame – was published in 2010 it caused some consternation. So, like a moth to a flame prolific and controversial in … Continue reading Lesson Of Evil

Toradora! The Complete Series

Toradora! The Complete Series (Cert 15) 4 Discs (Distributor: MVM) Running time: 593 minutes approx. It is forgivable if the idea of another high school comedy drama causes you to roll your eyes, no doubt being aware of all the clichés and hackneyed conventions and plot lines that await. Well, I won’t lie to you, … Continue reading Toradora! The Complete Series

The Attorney (Byeon-ho-in)

The Attorney (Byeon-ho-in) Korea (2013) Dir. Yang Woo-seok We’ve all seen those American films were the kid least likely proclaims to his class to much merriment and derision that he wants to be the President when he grows up. In South Korea a man of humble beginnings did indeed do just that having made his … Continue reading The Attorney (Byeon-ho-in)