Nymphomaniac Vols. I & II

Nymphomaniac Vols. I & II Denmark (2013) Dir. Lars von Trier After upsetting everyone with Anti-Christ and baffling us with Melancholia, to complete his Depression Trilogy, Danish provocateur and enfant terrible Lars von Trier announced he would make a porn film. Despite what you may have heard, Nymphomaniac is more than a porn film. Yes, … Continue reading Nymphomaniac Vols. I & II

High School DxD Complete Series Collection

High School DxD Complete Series Collection (Cert 15) 2 Discs (Distributor: Manga Entertainment) Running time: 285 minutes approx.    When the first words out of the mouth of main protagonist Issei Hyodo are “I wanna squeeze some boobies” a sense of resignation and futility overcomes the viewer, alerting them to the fact that pretty much … Continue reading High School DxD Complete Series Collection

Yana’s Friends (Ha-Chaverim Shel Yana)

Yana's Friends (Ha-Chaverim Shel Yana) Israel (1999) Dir. Arik Kaplun In 1991, in a small Israeli seaside town where everyone is on tenterhooks over the threat of war from Saddam Hussein, Russian immigrants Yana (Evelyn Kaplun) and Fima (Israel Demidov) arrive at a bijou apartment block, to share with aspiring filmmaker Eli (Nir Levi). Meanwhile … Continue reading Yana’s Friends (Ha-Chaverim Shel Yana)

Foxy Festival (Peseutibal)

Foxy Festival (Peseutibal) Korea (2010) Dir. Lee Hae-yeong  This ribald portmanteau comedy from Korea features the residents of a small community all of whom have some kind of sexual hang-up or inhibition they either discover or keep secret from everyone. Macho cop Kwak Jang-bae (Shin Ha-kyun) believes himself to be a real stud but his … Continue reading Foxy Festival (Peseutibal)

Special ID (Te shu shen fen)

Special ID (Te shu shen fen) China (2013) Dir. Clarence Fok Chan Chi-lung (Donnie Yen) is an undercover police agent sent to infiltrate the Hong Kong gang lead by Cheung Mou-hung (Collin Chou). Mou-hung however lets Chan know he suspects him of being a police spy, and threatens his mother Amy (Nina Paw). To prove … Continue reading Special ID (Te shu shen fen)

Distant (Uzak)

Distant (Uzak) Turkey (2002) Dir. Nuri Bilge Ceylan Yusuf (Mehmet Emin Toprak) is a young factory worker who loses his job. To find work again as his salary provides for his family, he leaves his small town and travels to Istanbul to stay with his cousin Mahmut (Muzaffer Özdemir), a photographer who is in a … Continue reading Distant (Uzak)

Blue Exorcist The Movie

Blue Exorcist The Movie (Cert 12) 1 Disc DVD/ 2 Disc DVD/Blu-ray Combo (Distributor: Manga Entertainment) Running time: 89 minutes approx  The sign that a shonen fantasy show has arrived is when the green light is given for the spin-off theatrical movie and Blue Exorcist, one of the most popular new franchises of the past five … Continue reading Blue Exorcist The Movie

Yellow Elephant (Kiiroi zô)

Yellow Elephant (Kiiroi zô) Japan (2013) Dir. Ryuichi Hiroki In a small rural complex lives married couple Aiko Tsumari (Aoi Miyazaki) and Ayumu Muko (Osamu Mukai), who appear to have an idyllic life together, indulging in the peace and quiet of the lazy countryside. Muko has aspirations of becoming an author while Tsuma possesses the … Continue reading Yellow Elephant (Kiiroi zô)

WWE – Wrestling’s Greatest Factions

WWE – Wrestling’s Greatest Factions (Cert 15) 3 Disc DVD/ 2 Disc Blu-ray (Distributor: Fremantle Media) Running Time: 425 minutes approx They say there is strength in numbers. Long since the domain of singles superstars and tag teams, the idea of a group of men in wrestling could mean box office gold as well as … Continue reading WWE – Wrestling’s Greatest Factions

Fate/Zero Part 2

  Fate/Zero Part 2 (Episodes 12-25) (Cert 15) 2 Discs (Distributor: MVM) Running time: 277 minutes approx. Don’t expect a soft re-entry into the saga of the Holy Grail Wars, picking up the action as we do from the exact point we left it at the end of volume one. Unlike our Japanese friends we’ve … Continue reading Fate/Zero Part 2