Tartuffe (Herr Tartüff)

Tartuffe (Herr Tartüff) Germany (1925) F.W. Murnau A rich old man (Hermann Picha) lives with his loyal but disingenuous housekeeper (Rosa Valetti) who convinces the old man to change his will and remove the inheritance he was due to leave to his sole living heir, his grandson (André Mattoni), for being an actor, and instead … Continue reading Tartuffe (Herr Tartüff)

Blue Exorcist Definitive Edition Part 2

Blue Exorcist Definitive Collection Part 2 (Episodes 13-25) (Cert 12) 3 Discs Blu-ray (Distributor: Manga Entertainment) Running time: 313 minutes approx. This release concludes Manga’s Blu-ray re-issue of sorts of the popular Blue Exorcist, complete with the newly created English language dub for this edition. Unlike the first Blu-ray volume the episodes are spread across … Continue reading Blue Exorcist Definitive Edition Part 2

The Body (El cuerpo)

The Body (El cuerpo) Spain (2012) Dir. Oriol Paulo A security guard at a morgue Ángel Torres (Miquel Gelabert) is run down as he flees his workplace, clearly in fear of something. Shortly after chemist Álex Ulloa (Hugo Silva) receives a call from veteran police detective Jaime Peña (José Coronado) informing him that the body … Continue reading The Body (El cuerpo)

Shangri-La Part Two

Shangri-La Part Two (Episodes 13-24) (Cert 15) 2 Discs (Distributor: MVM) Running time: 284 minutes approx. Without pausing for breath we leap right back into the action from the exact point we left it at the end of the first volume of this post-apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy adventure, with our heroine Kuniko Hojo and he transsexual … Continue reading Shangri-La Part Two

It’s Me, It’s Me (Ore Ore)

  It's Me, It's Me (Ore Ore) Japan (2013) Dir. Satoshi Miki Hitoshi Nagano (Kazuya Kamenashi) wants to be a photographer but instead has to settle for selling cameras in an electrical store. One day while at a fast food restaurant, Hitoshi walks away with the mobile phone of a fellow customer that fell onto … Continue reading It’s Me, It’s Me (Ore Ore)


Tabu Portugal (2012) Dir. Miguel Gomes In small housing complex in Lisbon retiree Pilar (Teresa Madruga) finds herself forced to devote more time to her elderly neighbour Aurora (Laura Soveral), whose increasingly paranoid and erratic behaviour sees her at odds with her black maid Santa (Isabel Muñoz Cardoso). Aurora is convinced that her daughter and … Continue reading Tabu

Last Exile: Fam – The Silver Wing Part 1

Last Exile: Fam – The Silver Wing Part 1 (Episodes 1-11) (Cert 12) 2 Discs (Distributor: Manga Entertainment) Running time: 282 minutes approx Set four years after the events of the first series, teenage Sky Pirates Fam Fan Fan and Giselle Collette roam the skies to capture air battleships, usually with great success. One such … Continue reading Last Exile: Fam – The Silver Wing Part 1

A Blood Pledge (Yeo-go-goi-dam 5 – Dong-ban-ja-sal)

A Blood Pledge (Yeo-go-goi-dam 5 - Dong-ban-ja-sal) Korea (2009) Dir. Jong-yong Lee Four school friends, So-yi (Son Eun-seo), Un-joo (Jang Kyeong-ah), Yoo-jin (Oh Yeon-seo) and Eun-yeong (Song Min-jeong), make a suicide pact one night, signing their pledge with their blood. That night only Un-Joo leaps from the roof as witnessed by Un-joo’s sister Jeong-eon (Yu … Continue reading A Blood Pledge (Yeo-go-goi-dam 5 – Dong-ban-ja-sal)

The ABCs Of Death

The ABCs Of Death Various (2012) Dirs. Various The concept is a brilliant one: take twenty six directors from around the globe and give them a letter each. They must think of a word that begins with that letter then make a film about the subject of death. It’s as simple and ingenious as it … Continue reading The ABCs Of Death

Fairy Tail Part 5

Fairy Tail Part 5 (Episodes 49-60) (Cert 12) 2 Discs (Distributor: Manga Entertainment) Running time: 293 minutes approx. It’s certainly been a while since we last saw the excitable and gregarious wizards of the Fairy Tail guild – almost fifteen months to be exact – but they are back and this time in glorious HD! … Continue reading Fairy Tail Part 5