Blue Exorcist Definitive Edition Part 1 (Episodes 1-12) (Cert 12)

2 Discs Blu-ray (Distributor: Manga Entertainment) Running time: 219 minutes approx.

No, you are not experiencing deja-vu – well maybe you are but not like you might think. Last year Manga took the brave step of releasing this major new series in subtitle form only – brave in the sense that the belief of having just the Japanese language dialogue track would be commercial suicide for alienating those deviants who prefer to have the English language dialogue (yes I am biased against English dubs – so sue me). Yet Blue Exorcist was a hit with UK fans regardless of being subtitle only which Manga admitted made them “less paranoid” about releasing subtitle only titles in the future.

Anyway, long story short, the series is now being re-issued on Blu-ray complete with a brand new English dub commissioned after the initial release, so the subtitle-phobes out there can breathe easy while others who have been waiting for an HD version of this show are also well catered for here.

As far as the show content, nothing has changed aside from the BBFC certificate surprisingly downgraded from 15 to 12, so if you didn’t get round to checking this show out last time, my review of the original DVD release can be found HERE.

Elsewhere the extras from the first DVD set have been ported over with some subtle differences but nothing to lose any sleep over. Ultimately the real draw (except for the English dub for the Luddites out there) of this re-release will be the HD transfer which is as good as you would hope it to be. For a show with a supernatural theme that relies on a lot of visual flair and razzamatazz this Blu-ray release brings out the best of the effects, for example when series protagonist Rin summons his inner demon and is engulfed in a blue flame, the already impressive effect is stunning here.

If you’ve already got the DVD version of Blue Exorcist chances are you may not feel like upgrading unless you desperately need to have this in HD or want the English dub, but those who are new to the show will find this an enjoyable slice of shonen fantasy action with the added bonus of seeing it presented in a glorious top notch transfer, and if you have been for waiting for this Blu-ray release, your patience has been rewarded.



English Language

Japanese Language

English Subtitles


Disc 1:


Web Previews

CM & Trailers

Textless Opening

Textless Closing



Disc 2:


Web Previews


Ratings – ****

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