Planzet (Cert 12) 1 Disc (Distributor: Manga Entertainment/Kaze UK) Running time: 51 minutes approx. 2047 and earth is the victim of sustained attacks from an alien life force known by the codename FOS, with the defence resting on a creation called the Diffuser. Fast forward to 2053 and with earth practically uninhabitable as a result … Continue reading Planzet


Hierro Spain (2009) Dir. Gabe Ibáñez Maria (Elena Anaya) takes her five year-old son Diego (Kaiet Rodríguez) on a ferry to the island El Hierro but Diego goes missing during the trip. Six months later Maria is called to El Hierro to identify the body of a child which she claims isn’t Diego. A DNA … Continue reading Hierro

Hotarubi no mori e (The Light of a Firefly Forest)

Hotarubi no mori e (The Light of a Firefly Forest) Japan (2011) Dir. Takahiro Ômori Six year-old Hotaru Takegawa is visiting her uncle in the countryside during the summer when she gets lost in a nearby enchanted forest. Luckily help is on hand in the form of Gin, a young lad a few years older … Continue reading Hotarubi no mori e (The Light of a Firefly Forest)


CaranchoArgentina (2010) Dir. Pablo TraperoIn Argentina the growing number of deaths due to traffic accidents is breeding a new level of corruption among insurance lawyers who exploit loopholes to filter off money from the payouts to line their own pockets. Sosa (Ricardo Darín) is a lawyer sacked by the bar and now playing ambulance chaser … Continue reading Carancho

Spice & Wolf Season 2

Spice & Wolf Season 2 (Cert 12) 2 Discs (Distributor: Manga Entertainment) Running time: 297 minutes approx. Travelling peddler Craft Lawrence and wolf-deity-in-human-form Holo return for a second series of adventures, wheeling and dealing their way across the country en route to Holo’s home town of Yoitsu. Their first stop off is in the town … Continue reading Spice & Wolf Season 2

Just Another Love Story (Kærlighed på film)

Just Another Love Story (Kærlighed på film) Denmark (2007) Dir. Ole Bornedal Jonas (Anders W. Berthelsen) is a crime scene photographer and a married father of two. On a day out when his clapped out car breaks down another car hits his and crashes. The driver, a distraught young woman named Julia (Rebecka Hemse) loses … Continue reading Just Another Love Story (Kærlighed på film)

The Recipe (Doenjang – Lit: Soybean paste)

The Recipe (Doenjang – Lit: Soybean paste) Korea (2010) Dir. Anna Lee A notorious murder on death row, Kim Deuk-Gu (Yu Seung-Mok), says as his final words before hanging that he wants to taste a doenjang (soybean paste) stew one last time. TV producer Choi Yu-Jin (Ryoo Seung-Ryong) finds this fascinating and decides to look … Continue reading The Recipe (Doenjang – Lit: Soybean paste)

The Cement Garden

The Cement Garden UK (1993) Dir. Andrew Birkin During the renovation of a post war prefab house, the strict father of a middle class family (Hanns Zischler) dies of a heart attack. When his wife (Sinéad Cusack) is struck down by a mysterious illness, she opens a bank account so their four children – 17 … Continue reading The Cement Garden

Mitsuko Delivers

  Mitsuko Delivers (Cert PG) 1 Disc (Distributor: Third Window Films) Running Time: 109 minutes approx. Mitsuko Hara (Riisa Naka) is a pragmatic twenty four-year old woman with a propensity for helping others; she also happens to be nine months pregnant to an American who deserted her. Broke and forced to move out of her … Continue reading Mitsuko Delivers

Nightwatch (Nattevagten)

  Nightwatch (Nattevagten) Denmark (1994) Dir. Ole Bornedal Martin (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) is a law student who takes a job as night watchman at a mortuary to help pay his fees. Part of his rounds includes checking on the rooms which store the dead bodies which are currently full with the scalped female victims of a … Continue reading Nightwatch (Nattevagten)