Hetalia Axis Powers – Paint It, White!

Hetalia Axis Powers – Paint It, White! (Cert 12) 1 Disc (Distributor: Manga Entertainment) Running time: 78 minutes approx. Earth is being invaded by an alien race called the Pict, faceless, completely white bodies with a single antenna holding a green orb intent on wiping the colour from the planet. It is up to the … Continue reading Hetalia Axis Powers – Paint It, White!


  Katyń Poland (2007) Dir. Andrzej Wajda 1940 and both the Nazis and the Soviets have occupied Poland. Stalin has ordered the NKVD to round up the Polish military, releasing the enlisted soldiers but keeping the officers. One of the captured officers is a young captain Andrzej (Artur Zmijewski) who keeps a detailed diary of … Continue reading Katyń

Harold And Maude

  Harold And Maude US (1971) Dir. Hal Ashby Harold Chasen (Bud Cort) is young rich boy with an unhealthy obsession with death. He drives a hearse and regularly stages fake suicides in his home much to the chagrin and ennui of his pushy mother (Vivian Pickles) who is determined to force Harold into a … Continue reading Harold And Maude

Fantastic Planet (La planète sauvage)

  Fantastic Planet (La planète sauvage) France (1973) Dir. René Laloux On a distant planet named Ygam the giant blue inhabitants called Draags treat human like people called Oms as either pets or wildlife. A Draag named Tiwa finds a baby Om recently orphaned by a group of kids and takes it home, naming it … Continue reading Fantastic Planet (La planète sauvage)

Fairy Tail Part 2

Fairy Tail Part 2 (Episodes 13-24) (Cert 12) 2 Discs (Distributor: Manga Entertainment) Running time: 281 minutes approx. We rejoin the rambunctious and undisciplined young wizards of Fairy Tail – Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster and Happy the cat – who have illicitly taken on an S-Club job from their guild job board, a … Continue reading Fairy Tail Part 2

A Separation (Jodaeiye Nader az Simin)

A Separation (Jodaeiye Nader az Simin) Iran (2011) Dir. Asghar Farhadi Simin (Leila Hatami) has filed for divorce from her husband Nader (Peyman Moaadi) because she wants to live abroad and give their 11 year-old daughter Termeh (Sarina Farhadi) a better life but he refuses to leave as he doesn’t want to abandon his Alzheimer’s … Continue reading A Separation (Jodaeiye Nader az Simin)

The Night Of The Hunter

  The Night Of The Hunter  US (1955) Dir. Charles Laughton Ben Harper (Peter Graves) is arrested and hanged for killing two people and stealing $10,000.before he is taken away Ben swears his two children John (Billy Chapin) and Pearl (Sally Jane Bruce) to secrecy of the whereabouts of the money. Whilst in jail, Ben … Continue reading The Night Of The Hunter

Cell 211 (Celda 211)

Cell 211 (Celda 211) Spain (2009) Dir. Daniel Monzón Juan Oliver (Alberto Ammann) is a prison guard inspecting his new work premises a day before he is due to start work when he is accidentally knocked out whilst in a dilapidated part of the prison, Instead of taking him to the infirmary, his colleagues dump … Continue reading Cell 211 (Celda 211)

Head (aka He-deu)

  Head (aka He-deu) Korea (2011) Dir. Cho Un A genius medical scientist Kim Sang-Chul (Oh Dal-Su) commits suicide but when the body is released following the autopsy the head has been mysteriously cut off. Young delivery courier Hong-Jae (Ryu Deok-Hwan) tries to deliver a package which he inadvertently discovers is the head of Dr. … Continue reading Head (aka He-deu)

Missing (Sil jong)

  Missing (Sil jong) Korea (2009) Dir. Sung-Hong Kim Wannabe actress Hyeon-Ah (Jeon Se-Hong) is whisked away to the country by a sleazy director (Lee Bong-Kyu) who she thinks will lead her to her big break. They stop off an off-road chicken soup diner for a meal where the owner Pan-Gon (Moon Sung-Geun) lives with … Continue reading Missing (Sil jong)