Invasion Of Alien Bikini

Korea (2011) Dir. Young-doo Oh

A self appointed city protector Yung-gun (Hong Young-Geun) rescues a young woman Hamonica (Ha Eun-Jung) from being assaulted by three men (Jo Hoon-Young, Choi Young-Jo and Seo Byoung-chul). They return to Yung-gun’s tiny flat where Hamonica tries to seduce Yung-gun, demanding that he impregnate her that night although Yung-gun protests that he has taken a vow of chastity but Hamonica is very insistent.

It seems that the Koreans are trying to get in on the cheap, crazy schlock-horror market that the Japanese currently dominate with this offering. First off, the title and promotional materials are hugely misleading. There is no real invasion and not a bikini in sight (although Hamonica is an alien – well a woman possessed by one anyway). The posters show foxy lead actress Ha Eun-Jung in sexy attire and while she is seen largely in her underwear, there is not really much here to titillate. Yung-gun’s skinny body and baggy underpants certainly kill any buzz Hamonica may create for male viewers.

The film only lasts 75 minutes but director Oh Young-Doo tries to cram a lot into that time. It kicks off with a fairly competent fight sequence followed by some nerdy awkwardness between our alien possessed babe and noble hero which sadly drags out a bit too much before getting down to the good stuff. Some whacky torture encouragement to ensure a healthy sperm donation (chilli up the nostrils, feather duster up the back passage!!) makes way for some distressing flashbacks to explain Young-gun’s tolerance for pain and sense of honour before a finale that tries to incorporate some heavy and convoluted sci-fi sophistry which we are lead to believe is based on an old Chinese legend.

Oh Young-Doo clearly doesn’t lack ambition but needs to learn when to hold back and not stuff everything into one story. Perhaps an extra twenty minutes to the running time to tie in the sci-fi element of the tale and less focus on the unfunny seduction scene and this could have been a solid watch. As it is the photography is pretty good and the SFX is mostly good for the budget so this film has its merits for a indie production.

A promising idea for a silly romp that tries too hard to be more than it needs to be.